Welcome to PropertyChek!

We are excited to announce the pre-launch of our real estate start-up PropertyChek!

As Indians living in the United States looking to buy our dream homes in India, we could not find easy information on whether property titles were clear, if there were any claims and disputes against the property or how the builder’s reputation was in terms of providing customer service and timely possession of the property. In addition, all our friends and relatives had horror stories to tell that made us hesitate in making any investments.

Over the past decade the real estate ecosystem has slowly made its way online, with many internet sites providing lists of real estate properties available for sale. However, as the next step, a buyer still needed to know whether the “seller” is indeed the owner of the property and whether one can indeed obtain possession of the property in a timely manner. This step is very time consuming, manual, and unreliable, with buyers often resorting to proxies like bank loans to get a modicum of trust in the process.

Identifying a great opportunity to address an unmet need, we researched and decided to create products and services that bring more transparency and trust into the ecosystem. As a result, we bring you authentic advice from Real Estate experts and properties that are pre-approved by registered real estate advocates.

We will share our first offering – PropertyChek approval in the next post. Please subscribe to our mailing list and let us know what you think!

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