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Local municipality – Jaipur Development Authority – victim of real estate fraud

The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) – the local municipal and land record government office in Jaipur, Rajasthan – was locked in a long and messy legal battle to reclaim land that was claimed by a local resident through the use of fraudulent papers.

It is one thing for a private citizen to get defrauded in a real estate scam but, it is entirely different for the land record body! When buying a property, prevention is the best cure. Most people, including me, neither have the time and resources nor the patience to deal with the stress that comes with a long and messy legal battle. Protect yourself from getting scammed and defrauded like this by checking the title ownership for your property.

We, at PropertyChek, conduct legal due diligence of properties, where we check the property title by verifying the actual government record in the registrar’s office to ensure the seller (whether builder or individual seller) has an authentic, clean title. 

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