Should central government penalize state governments for the delay in implementing a full-fledged RERA?

We all have heard a proverb “Tit for Tat” but it seems that this is not true when it comes to the RERA . Recently, we heard news stating that RERA fined developers for not registering their project on time with the authority. Absolutely, this is one of the best steps taken by the Real Estate Regulatory Authorities of many states to regulate the realty sector of the country and to save buyers from the irregularities of the developers.

But wait! What about those buyers who are still suffering because the state where they have invested in the real estate sector has not implemented a full-fledged RERA? Who will listen to their grievances? Apparently, we can just hope as the decision makers in states where the RERA has not reached the coast are busy in celebrating festivals. Well, it is their right to celebrate, but what about the home buyers whose celebration got blurred because of not getting their dream home on time?

Talking to Arbindo Das, a buyer who has invested in a real estate project in Kolkata, we tried to understand the problems faced by him. In the words of Arbindo Das, “I’ve planned to buy my first home 4 years ago. While searching for the best home to meet my requirements, I met with many executives representing various real estate developers, offering unexpected offers. As a middle-class man, I was willing to get more in fewer prices. So, here it comes, a real estate development company who lured me with such an offer and promised me to give the possession by September 2016. I took the step and invested my hard-earned money in a hope to fulfil the dream of having my own home. Currently, I am celebrating Diwali in a rented house and paying a huge amount of rent.”

There are many states such as Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Odisha etc. which have notified the RERA but lack a dedicated RERA website and appellate tribunal. States such as Kerala, Bihar, Punjab etc. have got partially developed RERA website, having no information related to RERA registered projects in the state.

One of our website visitors cum aggrieved home buyer who is an NRI residing in Singapore asked us about the status of the RERA implementation in Telangana. He wanted to get some clues on how to get back his money from a developer who has not given the possession of the apartment that he booked in 2011.

According to him, he wanted his family, including his mother, father and a sister to settle in a new home in Hyderabad having better facilities. “Many moons have passed but still, there is no sign of any development in the construction of the project”, he added.

Adding to the sorrows, his mother passed away last month and now he feels that he failed to fulfil her dreams. At a point of time, he was on the verge to cry out his heart and we witnessed the unbearable pain.

Later, he asked, “Unlike GST and demonetisation, why the government has failed to implement RERA on time”. He concluded saying that, “There are many people who are stuck midst the slow work process of state government and unlawful deeds by undisciplined developers”. He also asked us, “States which have implemented RERA in a full-fledged way is imposing fine on developers for the delay in registering their projects with the authority. Why there are no such rules that penalize the state government for the delay in the implementing a fully functional RERA?”

Truly, this question has created many doubts. The government must clear these doubts and take the necessary steps to save the existing and aspiring property buyers from the pain of feeling dependent and sometimes homeless.

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Published on: 21st October 2017


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