Pune civic body to upload list of illegal properties

Desirous of buying a flat but wary of getting duped? Worry not. You can now have a clear idea about illegal constructions in the city, courtesy the Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC).

It will be now be mandatory for PMC to upload details of illegal properties on its official website. Not only buildings in city limits but also those in the newly-merged 11 villages will be added to the list, which will be available in public domain.

The state government has directed the civic bodies to take action in this regard. “The problem of illegal buildings is becoming serious in urban areas. Developers construct buildings without taking proper permission. The registration of the building is done at the sub-register office. Action is only taken when it comes to light that the building is illegal. Innocent buyers suffer in the process. Most buyers remain aware that buildings where they have bought property are illegal,” stated the notification.

The notification further said that ward-wise list of legal and illegal buildings should be published with details of survey numbers and developers. The list should also be published in the newspaper. The civic body should issue a caveat before demolishing the building. The governing bodies should give the details of unauthorised constructions to the sub-registrar’s offices and instruct them not to register any property in unauthorised buildings.

The state government has also urged civic bodies to approach courts with reference to illegal constructions. “If the court has issued stay orders in any case, the civic body should request it to vacate the stay as buyers are getting duped,” stated the notification.

According to PMC officials, they are taking steps to curb illegal constructions in PMC areas as well as merged villages. The development control rules of PMC areas will be enforced in the newly added 11 villages to check haphazard construction.

These villages have been added to PMC limits in 2017. Another 23 villages are to be added in the days to come. A Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) estimate states that the merged villages have over 5,000 illegal constructions.

The state government had issued rules in 2017 for regularisation of illegal constructions built before 2015. PMC had identified over 6000 constructions in the city.

“The GR has been issued and we will take action in accordance with it. The details of these buildings as directed by the state government will be uploaded,” said Prashant Waghmare, City Engineer, PMC.

“It will be mandatory to attach a copy of the sanctioned building plan at the time of registration. The provision exists in law but it is not implemented on ground. Buildings without sanctioned plan should not be registered. If the property is not registered it will reduce chances of frauds,” said Vishwas Sahastrabuddhe, a property valuer.

He said gram panchayats do not have the power to sanction building plans. Registration applications approved only from competent authorities should be entertained by registration offices.


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