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Noida Authority decides to publish list of properties that have received occupation certificates

Soon buyers will be able to go to the Noida Authority website ( to check details of projects that have been granted occupation certificates. Noida authority is posting this information in response to buyer complaints and requests – buyers claim they were misguided by builders.

An occupation certification is provided by the local municipality to approve living worthiness. The municipality also checks to ensure the construction has been done according to the sanctioned plan. An occupation certificate should be made available for properties where construction has been completed; you will not find an occupation certificate for under construction properties.

We at PropertyChek, welcome this initiative of the Noida Authority to create transparency in the real estate sector. That is the aim of PropertyChek as well.

We recommend buyers check for occupation certificate in their due diligence. Our easy to use, on-demand service to conduct legal due diligence of real estate properties checks for occupation certificates for projects that have completed construction. Check our sample reports to find out content of our reports

Read the entire article about Noida Authority’s plan here

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