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Do you know if you are buying an “Enemy Property”?

During the wars of 1962, 1965 and 1971, the Indian government had designated some properties belonging to nationals of Pakistan and China as “enemy properties” through the passage of the Enemy Properties Act of 1968.

These properties were vested in the “Custodian of Enemy Property for India”, a central government office.  Central government has passed an amendment to ensure enemy properties continue to stay vested with the custodian even if the original “enemy” owner is no longer an enemy.
While there must be many properties across India, local authorities in Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) have found close to 50 “Enemy Properties” in prime areas that are occupied illegally. The administration has asked the residents to furnish valid documents for title ownership.

Be careful and check the title if you are making purchases, who knows if you may be buying an “Enemy Property”! Protect yourself from title fraud.

We, at PropertyChek, conduct legal due diligence of properties, where we check the property title by verifying the actual government record in the registrar’s office to ensure the seller (whether builder or individual seller) has an authentic, clean title.

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