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Authorities receive large scale complaints against builders in Noida

The CEO of Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA), Mr. Deepak Agarwal, confirmed that large scale complaints have been received from builders in Greater Noida. The complaints list out the following grievances:

  • Possessions delays
  • Non registration of properties
  • Poor construction quality
  • Illegal construction
The news article specifically mentioned SuperTech Eco Village 2 and Amrapali Leisure Park in the article. As a result of these complaints, Mr. Deepak Agarwal met with builders and asked builders to complete registrations and hand over properties to the buyers. Hopefully, the owners will get some benefit out of this action and finally get to see the fruits of their hard earned money.

Before making any decision on a project, PropertyChek recommends a buyer to conduct thorough analysis and background research on the builder, specifically checking the builder’s earlier projects for:

  • Construction delays
  • Illegal construction
  • Construction quality 
  • Balance sheet / financial issues (many times, this may not be possible)

In addition, buyers should confirm the builder has Title and required Approvals to undertake construction for the upcoming project. One reason for these developer delays in lack of title and / or lack of construction approvals.

We, at PropertyChek, conduct legal due diligence of properties, where we check the property title by verifying the actual government record in the registrar’s office to ensure the seller (whether builder or individual seller) has an authentic, clean title. We also check builder has the required approvals for construction of the project.

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