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Hundreds of buyers stage protests against Emaar MGF in Gurgaon as an RTI enquiry exposes Builder license cancellation

More than a hundred buyers gathered in front of the builder’s office to protest against delays in the Emaar MGF’s Emerald Hill project. The buyers have taken their plight to the officers of the company as well as to the local authorities but to no avail – as a last resort, they had to stage protests in front of the office.

The buyers are demanding delivery of their apartments and compensation for their financial losses – we, at PropertyChek, understand the pain of the home buyers and requests the authorities to facilitate swift justice.

The article also mentions that an RTI enquiry filed by the buyers revealed the buyer’s license had been cancelled for some time and was reissued recently. Meanwhile, the company claims work is being carried out and information shared with buyers in a transparent manner – could anything be farther from the truth?

However, we would like to draw your attention an important tool available to buyers for their grievances – the RTI (Right to Information Act). You can find out more about this act here. We believe  RTI is a powerful tool but, you need to know exactly the question that needs to be asked and the department you need to approach. If any of those two are missing, the request can land up in a black hole – speaking from experience.

In addition to RTI, buyers have the option of approaching the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) for builder issues. Read this blog story to find out about a recent judgment against Jaypee Builders

PropertyChek advises all buyer to conduct thorough analysis and background research on the builder before making a decision; specifically checking builder’s earlier projects for:

  • Construction delays
  • Illegal construction
  • Construction quality 
  • Balance sheet / financial issues (many times, this may not be possible)

In addition, buyers need to confirm the builder has Title and Approvals to undertake construction for their project. One reason for these developer delays in lack of title and / or lack of construction approvals.

We, at PropertyChek, conduct legal due diligence of properties, where we check the property title by verifying the actual government record in the registrar’s office to ensure the seller (whether builder or individual seller) has an authentic, clean title. We also verify the Builder has appropriate construction approvals. When placing your life’s savings, better to be safe than sorry!
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